Atlanta Home Windows Installation Contractor with Excellent Reviews!


“Georgia Wood Windows replaced all of our windows and we could not be happier.  We bought our Buckhead home and absolutely loved the look of our old windows but hated how drafty they were.  Their team installed every window very quickly and professionally and now we see the difference in our energy bills.”

- Beth S. / Atlanta, GA


“We are very happy with the Monarch Windows that Georgia Wood Windows installed in our home. We always would notice new homes being built in Atlanta and realized that the bulk of these new construction homes in Atlanta had Monarch windows going in them.  When we found out that we could get the same windows in our older home with all of the energy efficiencies of a new construction home we were ecstatic.  Georgia Wood Windows was our solution and the process could not have been simpler.  They came, measured, sent me a quote, I accepted the quote, and the windows came like 10 days later (already painted to my existing inside color and my existing outside color) and were installed in 1 day.  We highly recommend Georgia Wood Windows.”

- Kathryn D. / Atlanta, GA


“Georgia Wood Windows completely saved the day.  We went through the process of getting quotes from Pella and from a vinyl window company.  Pella’s quote was crazy high and on top of it they told me that they actually install a new window inside of my old window jamb.  Sounded interesting until I realized that every window would actually be smaller than my original windows with less natural light.  The other thing is that my interior and exterior trim would not look the same because of this.  There would be an extra wide exposure of all the window jambs and this would not match with the rest of the house interior trim and especially all of my door trim in the house.

The vinyl window company was worse (very pushy).  When I first looked at their sample window I knew that we could not do this to our home.  We knew it would not only devalue our home but devalue our neighborhood.  I am sure vinyl windows have a place but it certainly was not in my Morningside neighborhood.

Georgia Wood Windows was exactly what we were looking for.  We simply wanted a wood window that looked like our old wood windows and kept all of our existing trim but was energy efficient.  On top of it, we researched Monarch Windows and they make one of the most highly efficient windows in the market.  Georgia Wood Windows did a great job of painting them and installing them.  We are very happy with the job they did.”

- T.D. / Atlanta, GA


“We were looking to replace our home windows and wanted to keep the original wood look that drew us to purchasing the home over 6 years ago. We knew that this could become costly and were on a strict budget like many families during these economic shortcomings. We spoke with several companies before finding Georgia Wood Windows. They provided exceptional customer service and was able to install the style of windows we wanted and at a price that was actually lower than our intial budget. We could not be happier with their work and would reccommend their services to anyone looking for wood window replacement.”

- Danny T. /  Smyrna, GA